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Dr. Brian Brown
Peak Performance &
Longevity strategist
Dr. Brown helps high-level Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and CEOs move from great to extraordinary by crafting a custom-tailored wellness plan for them using his proprietary D.E.N.O.V.O. Pathway  (De Novo - Latin, anew) that helps uncover hidden imbalances, optimize for life longevity, and dominate at the peak performance level.

As a high-level Entrepreneur, Influencer, and CEO himself, Dr. Brown understands that many other high-level Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and CEOs are doing ok in most areas of their life...

But, it doesn’t matter what you do in order to reach peak performance, you never seem to make it.

acknowledge THE GAP & deal with It

There's a mysterious gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. 

Things like brain fog, fatigue, loss of stamina & endurance are keeping you from reaching a peak performance state. 

You're simply not firing on all cylinders!

Most will consult a local medical provider only to be left empty-handed, or worse yet, be left with treatments that don't help you feel better. 

You're left with treatments that actually leave you with more side effects than benefits... leaving you feeling worse than before.
It's Not Your Fault... but there's hope!
Dr. Brown realizes that the current medical system is broken and it's not your fault!

Approximately 10 years ago, Dr. Brown shut down his traditional psychiatric practice during a time he calls his "professional mid-life crisis," and he re-skilled in functional & integrative-medicine.  

After identifying hidden imbalances in his own body which allowed him to overcome a 16-year battle with depression, lose over 140 pounds, overcome Hashimoto's, rebound back from adrenal fatigue, and beat a near fatal heart condition...

He began helping his clients uncover their own hidden imbalances so they could optimize for life longevity and dominate at the peak performance level.
"I believe in hope! 
Without hope, there is no future.
Without hope, you are destined to live in bondage.
~ Dr. Brian G. Brown
New Book coming soon
Escape the boxes of a broken medical system...
It's time to take back control of your health... stop living in a "chemical" state, and stop letting your health issues hijack your happiness.

If you're over 35 and feel out of balance, have low energy, and quite seem to find the answers, then this book can help you regain control.

This book explores age-related hormone decline and arms you with the things you need to make informed decision about optimizing for life longevity and dominating at a peak performance level again.
"I just listened to you. I took more notes than I thought I would ever need. I wanted  to let you know that I appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you in the future."
-Peggy Ciley
"LOVE LOVE Dr. Brian. He is confident, engaging, so knowledgeable, and speaks with clarity. He systematically shares a path for each individual for wellness. He is helping so many, including ME!"
-Barb Boldt
"This INFO is awesome... I'm learning so much! I'm going to re-listen with pen and paper, so I can stop and get all the info and remember it."
-Bonnie Gallagher
Dr. Brown interviews experts for the optimal ceo podcast who specialize in these areas...
> functional medicine
> integrative medicine
> naturopathy
> bio-hacking
> peptide therapy 
> CEO / ENtrepreneur Health 
At The Optimal CEO Podcast…

Dr. Brown helps high-level Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and CEOs move from great to extraordinary.

He speaks to the heart of these high-achievers who love taking ownership of their wellness journey because they know it’s their most prized investment, and when they're in a peak performance state, their productivity and revenue soars. 

His goal with the podcast is to help expose the cracks in our broken medical system and, at the same time, shed light on emerging wellness trends that offer a new hope... so peak performers can be highly focused on growing their business, physically optimized for the journey, and enjoy getting there. 

Lifestyle medicine
> genomics
> alternative medicine
> gut health / microbiome
> exposure / exposomics 
> performance mindset
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Dominating At... 
Optimizing for... 
Navigating the...
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