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In 2017, I went through a re-branding process, and was fortunate enough to work with arguably the most amazing branding team on the planet.

I learned that in order to develop the visual components of branding, such as a logo, color schemes, or imaging, I had to be keenly in touch with who I am. 

In other words, I had to be in touch with my own heart. What were the circumstances that shaped me throughout my life’s journey? What were my values, my  gifts, my talents, my skills?

Having practiced psychiatry for about 20 years at that point, you would think I had done this work. To a degree I had, but not to the depth that this process carried me.

When the branding process was nearing it’s end, I had well over a 100 items making up my values, gifts, talents, and skills.

Values determine your brand. But most importantly, values guide your every move. Values drive you and make you who you are.

From that long list of over 100 items, I was tasked with distilling that list into the Top 10 List of Values. What you see here is that distilled list of ten items. It encapsulates what drives me… and what drives my brand. 


Family first. Period. If this falls away, nothing else matters.



Be the torchbearer of peace. Bring its light with you wherever you go.



Self-love is self care. It comes first and isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity. Now, go out and love others.


Rebuilding trust is tantamount to summiting Everest. Don’t lose it.


Never, ever, ever find yourself in a place of not growing… else you may find yourself dead.


Give voice to the voiceless. Speak out against injustice. Even when it may cost you greatly.


Intuition is a powerful driving force. Find it. Listen to it. Follow it. It’s usually right.


Pray for this daily. Kings and Queens will seek you out for this & give you their gold to attain it.


Your body is a temple. Quit treating it like a trash heap. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.


Has little to do with muscle and everything to do with that six-inch space between your ears. Exercise it often & it won’t fail you.


My mission is to understand others and meet their needs with grace so that they are shown unconditional love that inspires them to find their voice.


My vision is to lead others on a path of wellness… leaving them more peaceful, more loved, a little wiser, and significantly stronger than they were before being blessed to cross their path.

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