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Why I Quit Psychiatry & Re-Trained In Functional Medicine...

And Now Help Fellow CEO-Entrepreneurs Optimize Their Wellness<br /> So They Can Serve Their Clients At The Highest Level, Feel Better, Find Balance, Get Rid Of Brain Fog, and Avoid Hidden Pitfalls In Their Health

Brian Brown

I’m a CEO-Entrepreneur who was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at a very early age. From mowing lawns… or selling candy, gum, pencils, and paper to my peers in grade school… or running a successful high-end concierge functional-integrative medicine practice… entrepreneurism is in my DNA.

CEO-Entrepreneurs are notorious for burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. I know this because I’ve been there in my own journey, and I’ve worked with numerous CEO-Entrepreneurs in my professional career.

I’ve been depressed, nearly committed  suicide,


been on multiple antidepressants, had a metabolism that was shot, had hormones that were horribly out of balance, had a thyroid that was nearly shut down, weighed over 390 pounds, and returned from the brink of death after finding out that a childhood injury was causing my heart to stop multiple times per night. I was a physical, emotional, and psychological mess.

For years, I tried using standard medical treatments, the ones I’d been trained to use, to bring about healing in myself and my patients. Unfortunately, healing never came.


Author. Speaker. Optimal CEO Strategist.

Promoting Preventive Aging, Strong Community, Hope, & Personal Empowerment Through Wellness.

Brian Brown

Functional and Integratvie medicine saved my life. I was able to professionally re-skill and use myself as “patient zero” to implement all of my new-found skills. Guess what? It worked. I began to heal.



The depression started reversing and eventually went away. The weight started coming off. My energy started going up. My brain fog went way. I felt like a new person.

From an entrepreneurial standpoint, my journey has been a roller coaster of high stress, extreme joy, failed business ventures, numerous successes, and a failed business partnership that neardly did me in.

This journey probably isn’t much different than yours, but I’ve found when CEO-Entrepreneurs aren’t on top of their game physically, the business suffers, which means the people they serve and the lives they change suffer.

Sadly, most CEO-Entrepreneurs don’t even realize they’re having issues until it’s too late. What’s even more sad is that the current “sickness care” medical system is so broken. It’s lost sight of how to help people like CEO-Entrepreneurs discover hidden pitfalls before we’re neck deep in the pit!

Luckily, we live in an age where functional and integrative medicine is gaining traction. The challenge is there’s so few of us practicing this way.


CEO-Entrepreneurs Have The Highest Exposure Risk Of Any Other Group Of People

The Biggest Secret Is Many CEO-Entrepreneurs Don't Realize That Hidden Issues Lurking In Thier Body Create This Exposure

Brian Brown

I know first hand that health means wealth… but even more than that, I know that whena CEO-Entrepreneur’s health is on the blitz, they’re so hyper-focused on your own issues that you can’t serve your clients at the highest level.

Professionally, over the last seven years of my functional and integrative medicine journey, I’ve learned that CEO-Entrepreneurs get it. 

They seem to understand with the most clarity and urgency that any health decline directly affects their bottom line. They understand that serving others is directly linked to their physical and mental well-being, agility, stamina, and endurance.

In other words, if the CEO-Entrepreneur falls, the vision and drive for the company falls. Soon, the gross revenue of the company falls. Then, before you know it, another business bites the dust… or a CEO-Entrepreneur simply checks out for good. Either scenario is sad because capitalism is king! 

Without healthy capitalism, society crumbles into despair. Nothing makes me more sad than seeing a fellow brother or sister CEO-Entrepreneur fall. In


many cases, it’s so unnecessary.

CEO-Entrepreneurs have the highest exposure risk. They have they most physical capital, emotional capital, and psychological capital on the line… invested in their businesses, their employees, in themselves, and their clients. 

This high exposure creates an “exposure gap” that widens as they age and accelerates with any new physical ailment that comes their way.

On the severe end of the spectrum, this “exposure gap” can lead to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or relationship strain.

On the less severe end, but no less critical, this “exposure gap” can lead to  brain fog, low energy, poor memory, weight gain, declining metabolism, hormone imbalances, thyroid imbalances, low motivation, poor stamina, and declining drive.

I personally believe that we need healthy capitalism, and if this is the case, we must have healthy capitalists! Keeping the health and wellness of CEO-Entrepreneurs optimized is the key to making this happen.

CEO-Entrepreneurs who care most about their businesses, their vision, their employees, and the people they serve fully understand…

  • The need for self-investment in their own wellness care
  • They never compromise on this
  • They are proactive about early identification of hidden issues in their health
  • And, they find ways to put systems in place that identify and deal with these issues before they become a problem


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