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Hi. I'm Dr. Brown. I help high-level Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and CEOs move from great to extraordinary by crafting a custom-tailored wellness plan that helps them uncover hidden imbalances, optimize for life longevity, and dominate at the peak performance level.
The Optimal CEO Podcast
Are you a high-performing CEO entrepreneur looking to achieve optimal health so you and your business can be firing on all cylinders...

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What would it look like to be firing on all cylinders again? How much more successful and productive could you be? Could you live a longer, more productive & worry-free life?
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Whether keynote address, conference lecture segment, podcast, or Facebook Live,  Dr. Brown loves to impart his knowledge.

Work With Dr. Brown
As an entrepreneur, influencer, or CEO...
Do You Believe That You're Physically Firing On All Cylinders & Executing At Peak Performance? If you believe you're not, Dr. Brown may be able to help. His proprietary DeNovo System can help you uncover hidden imbalances, dominate at the peak performance level, and optimize for life longevity. 
The Optimal CEO Podcast
Dr. Brown speaks to the heart of high-achievers who love taking ownership of their wellness journey because they know it’s their most prized investment, and when they're in a peak performance state, their productivity and revenue soars. 

His goal with the podcast is to help expose the cracks in our broken medical system and, at the same time, shed light on emerging wellness trends that offer a new hope... so peak performers can be highly focused on growing their business, physically optimized for the journey, and enjoy getting there. 
Media Kit & Booking
Dr. Brown is an author, speaker, and podcaster. 
His new book, Happiness Hijackers, is due out by the end of 2019. In it, he reveals how to take back control of your health, stop living in a "chemically altered" state, and stop letting your health issues hijack your happiness.

To book Dr. Brown as an expert at your next event, on your podcast, or your Facebook live, or to be interviewed on the Optimal CEO podcast, simply click the link below.
"Since my wife and I have been clients of Dr. Brown, we have seen an increase in energy, productivity, self-awareness and knowledge of what it’s like to be “hitting on all cylinders."
Intentionality in the pursuit of wellness has a watershed effect in every aspect of life.  Running a business and raising four kids leaves little room for being sidelined by illness, in fact it makes intentional investment in wellness even more important. 
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