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getting rid of brain fog

What’s The Episode About?

In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you how a little known hormone, in the supplement world, may, in fact, be one of the best-kept secrets around. It’s a powerhouse of wellness goodness that can help you eliminate brain fog, among a host of other things. With your health, it’s often the little things that can make a big impact on your life, and I’m sure that DHEA could be one of those things that significantly helps you out. 

Tune in as I reveal this tiny little hormone’s secrets. 

Key Points Discussed:

  • 99% of health professionals don’t know this little powerhouse hormone  (00:59)
  • Living in a litigious society that hinders proper healthcare (04:21)
  • Uses and potential side effects of DHEA (07:33)
  • The brain’s amazing ability to change and adapt to almost (15:31)

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When Was It Published?

August 14, 2019

Episode Transcript

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00:00          In today’s episode of The Optimal CEO Podcast, I’ll be sharing with you how a little known hormone in the supplement world may in fact be one of the best-kept secrets around. It’s a powerhouse of wellness goodness that can help you eliminate brain fog among a host of other things. So stay tuned today as I reveal this tiny little hormone’s secrets.


00:22          Here at the optimal CEO podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, but because they know it’s their most prized investment and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income source. We want to help relieve CDO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure so they can be highly focused on growing their business and physically optimize for the journey so they can enjoy getting there.


00:59          Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Brown, and I’d like to personally welcome you to today’s podcast episode. Thank you for joining me. DHEA; This little hormone is another powerhouse. It’s an unassuming little hormone that 99% of health professionals have never heard of. And, I think 99% is actually being pretty generous. Remember the children’s book, “The Little Train That Could.” I refer to DHEA as the little hormone that could. It’s so useful in so many ways, and so misunderstood, and looked over. Studies show that it helps with reducing cardiovascular risk by decreasing fat deposits around the internal organs. We call that the VAT, or Visceral Adipose Tissue. It stimulates the immune system, It improves sexual vitality, it improves mood, decreases cholesterol, it decreases body fat, it appears to have anti-cancer properties by enhancing the immune system, it has a clinical indication for the treatment of pain syndromes associated with Lupus, and of course, it improves memory and brain fog type issues.


02:14          So, before we move much further, let me address something really quick. Last week, I spoke about vitamin D and its benefits. If you missed that episode, go back and listen to it. Don’t just assume you know everything about vitamin D. There’s some surprising information in that episode. But what I want to address is this. When it comes to brain fog, brain fog is only a symptom. Research studies are generally set up to address medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, depression, so on and so forth. So, when it comes to speaking about brain fog, and a person’s subjective experience that brain fog has improved, we’re pretty much relegated to talking about known conditions that cause brain fog, or the cluster of symptoms that make up brain fog, such as worsening memory, decreased attention, concentration and focus, and among other symptoms related to the brain, and other neurological functions in the body. When it comes to DHEA and the fact that most medical professionals have never heard of it, what happens when you ask your medical provider about it?


03:23          Well, I can tell you from experience, most medical providers will say something along the lines of, “It has no benefit and no proven benefit, and it’s a supplement that’s not regulated by the FDA like a pharmaceutical drug is, it could be dangerous. I advise you against taking it.” Sorry about the voice impression there. I was trying to make it a little bit different than mine, but you get the idea. Sadly, these well-intentioned medical providers give well-intentioned advice that does nothing but harm you, the client, the health consumer, in defense of the medical profession. There’s no way to know everything and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. Sadly, most people just don’t do that. But it’s a liability issue to tell a client to take something that you aren’t familiar with. You don’t know the side effects of, and you don’t know the drug interactions of. This is what it boils down to.


04:21          It’s just that simple. So how do we overcome this objection? It’s a really great question. The shorter answer is you don’t, you don’t even try. Medical professionals are simply trying to protect themselves from liability, a medical liability suit. And that’s unfortunate that we live in a litigious society that requires of us to be on guard at all times. But if you don’t know something, if you’re not familiar with something, you tend to vilify it at the one end of the extreme or you just kind of say, yeah, I’m not that familiar with it and I wouldn’t recommend doing it either way. The patient comes out on the other side with a recommendation not to use that particular supplement. However, I’ve had some clients persist and attempt to educate their medical providers and sometimes it works, but most of the time it really backfires and most cases medical providers simply get offended or they don’t have time to read any kind of educational materials or studies that you may present to them.


05:21          I’ll say there are some medical professionals who are open-minded enough to tell clients things like, well, if it makes you feel better and you aren’t having any side effects, then continue taking it. The right way to handle this is to simply be informed yourself, partner with a health provider, a health professional who is in the know when it comes to alternative therapies. I wouldn’t recommend going at alone that I can get you in over your head very, very quickly. There are little nuances especially about da ta that you need to know. For example, here are eight key things that you or your forward-thinking health professionals should know. Da ta in the immediate release form as a supplement has a larger chance of causing side effects than sustained-release forms. The best-sustained release forms actually come from compounding pharmacies and you can only get those with a prescription over the counter versions tend to give instructions that either overdose women or grossly underdosed men and you should definitely work with a health professional who knows how to check your blood levels and hear me when I say this.


06:35          Not your saliva levels. Yes, you can check hormone levels through saliva, but it’s not that accurate. Now, the proponents of salivary hormone checking, I actually argue it strongly, but there are some studies out there that show that there’s very little correlation between saliva and blood except in the very beginning, but once you introduce that hormone into the body, the saliva levels actually become inconsistent compared to the blood levels. The blood levels are what stay consistent. The blood levels are actually what are used to measure a person’s hormone levels in official studies like research studies. So we want to stay true to what that research study gives us. That information gives us, then we need to treat that patient according to the way a research study would, and that’s with blood levels a little inconvenient. Yeah. Maybe, but I would rather get accuracy versus inaccuracy any day with a needle stick that working with a health professional who knows that you should have your blood levels check.


07:33          They know that simply drawing a DTA level could steer you in the wrong direction. They know that they have to draw a sulfate version of the DTA because when you put in your blood work order, there’s a DTA and there’s a DHEA’s. People get confused on that if they don’t know what they’re doing and you need the right provider that can tell you, okay, we’re only gonna look at the sulfate form. And additionally, your medical provider needs to know your therapeutic ranges. For d, h e a s kind of off the top of their head reference ranges on laboratory reports are actually incorrect, but women need to be between 150 and 200 and men need to be between 500 and 600 and DTA really should not be given in sex hormone-related cancer situations.


08:23          So if you could have some Saudi with ovarian cancer or uterine cancer or breast cancer or a male with prostate cancer, you wouldn’t want them on DTA. And DTA can cause a slight elevation in testosterone. In women, it’s actually a good thing in perimenopause are those years before menopause because testosterone is declining like crazy. Sometimes you can overcome that just with DTA sustained-release form, but it doesn’t really elevate testosterone in men and we, we really don’t know why. It just doesn’t. And in men though, it can cause a slight elevation in dial. That’s a whole nother conversation for another day. But Esther dial and man is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s where we know now it’s where we get our cardiovascular protection from. So estradiol is really good and having a man’s a man over 40 heavens, their levels at a range of where they were when they were in their twenties is actually a good thing.


09:19          Interestingly enough, this is the sidebar. Male testosterone levels in their forties who receive hormone replacement therapy. A lot of times we’ll have better estradiol levels and then women who are in menopause who are untreated, but they’re at the levels that they were when they were in their twenties we’re not pushing those to super physiologic levels or levels that are higher than they should be. We’re just treating them back to where they were when they were in their twenties these are the little nuances that you can’t ignore and you just need to know the right way of doing things. The things that can set you up for success instead of failure. Get these dialed in and you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of brain fog. So what the do the initials? DHEA stand for? Well, if you really want to know, it stands for d hydro at the androsterone.


10:11          I don’t know about you, but it’s easier just to say that. What is the ATA exactly? Well, it’s a precursor hormone. What do I mean by precursor hormone? What I mean is it’s, it’s simply a hormone that comes before the other hormones and in the body. There’s actually what we call a hormone cascade, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A suck, a waterfall effect. So from the liver, cholesterol is managed and from cholesterol comes your hormones. So the first one is pregnant alone. The second one is d, h e a. And so from DTA we actually formed testosterone and Estradiol. So these hormones more throughout this hormone cascade. So that’s what I mean when say when I say it’s a precursor hormone, it’s one of the first in the upstream, what we call it, upstream of your hormone pathway. So let’s take a look at what experts are saying about DTA.


11:10          Dr. William Regal Sen author, author of the book Super Hormone Promise, calls da ta, the super hormone. He points out that DTA has anabolic and, and I don’t mean that a bad sense, I just mean it in the good sense, like the muscle-building effect. So it has anabolic effects. It’s not as potent as testosterone by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have some anabolic effect and is a good thing because as we age, muscle definition, muscle tone and the amount of muscle that we have actually decreased with age. So if we can overcome that curve with DTA and its natural anabolic effect and we actually preserve muscle tone, there’s some, actually this were some really good research out there that shows that preserving muscle tone may actually help improve longevity and, and improve survivability if you fall and hurt yourself and so on and so forth.


12:03          So there’s a really good reasons to have good muscle tone DTA as Dr Rogosin also points out in this book, it restores immunity or immune function. It prevents osteoporosis, it restores bone density, it prevents diabetes and heart disease. It decreases that, that that Vat, that visceral adipose tissue or that, in other words, that fat that’s wrapped around the internal organs, it’s so dangerous force and so unhealthy. It prevents cancer in some studies, improves mood and wellbeing and improves energy and memory slows the aging process. And notice I didn’t say reverses. It just slows the aging process and has a strong antioxidant effect, especially in the brain. Dr Neil Rosea, the author of the book, how to achieve a healthy aging. And actually the person that wrote the forward to my book that’s coming out soon, a points out that da ta is not the same as the supplement seven Kido DHE a, which is another supplement that’s out there on the market.


13:07          It creates a lot of confusion. He urges us to never take seven Quito DTA for the health benefits that I just mentioned and he’s totally on board with Dr Rogosin and that he believes in through his studies and through his research, sees the same things in studies as far as uh, what da ta helps with. Uh, additionally, Dr Rosea, he points out that da ta decreases a sticky enzyme and the body that makes your platelets clump together. This sticky little product is called thromboxane a two. If you need to know the technical name, but that’s not important, just know that DTA decreases the stickiness. If you’ve ever known anybody that took an aspirin a day, always give people a bit of caution with that if they’re just doing it on their own because you’ve got to have a really good reason. Aspirin actually decreases the stickiness of platelets, but dat does the same thing.


13:58          Now, I’m not saying you’d take get off your aspirin that your cardiologist or your internal medicine or family practice doc has you on, but not saying that, and if you ask them about DTA, they’re going to say, no, keep taking aspirin. But what I’m saying is, is it does have that anti-platelet that’s anti stickiness effect with platelets similar to aspirin, but with aspirin, you need to know that 50% in studies, 50% of people who took aspirin had some form of GI issue, a GI bleed, and some of those were fatal. So you need to be willing formed. For me, the benefit versus risk. With aspirin, it’s about 50 50 about 50% received benefit cardiovascular, 50% received detriment or bad effects due to GI bleeds. And so if we’re looking at a safer alternative, da ta might be that. But again, there are no studies to support that.


14:45          It actually helps in somebody that’s have stroke or heart attack or so on and so forth. So that’s what I’m saying, don’t get off your aspirin just because of what I’m saying. I’m just saying it has that potential effect for general health purposes. For somebody who doesn’t have any issues, the A’s going to give them a good effect without affecting their stomach went out, giving them any kind of problems. So with GI bleeds, so what that boils down to, if it helps decrease the stickiness of platelets, it actually increases blood flow and oxygenation to the heart and the brain because there’s no platelets clogging up those arteries and when that happens it can lead to a heart attack and stroke. So not saying that it reverses those, I’m just saying that potentially decreases a risk because of that, that effect that it has. Now, let’s see, what other or actual research studies have to say?


15:31          In one published study, the ATA proved to lower depression scores as much as 72% and improved memory performance by as much as 63% the response was dose-dependent and that simply means that the higher the dose, the better the response. Another study showed that DTA improves IGF one that’s insulin-like growth factor, and I know this is kind of really technical, but insulin-like growth factor is a polypeptide or a chain of amino acids produced by the liver. Now I know this might sound crazy but bear with me while unpacking this. IGF One is active in nearly every tissue in the body and if da ta elevates IGF one, then we need to pay attention to it. So with IGF one being active in nearly every tissue in the body, in the brain, specifically IGF one is known to improve neuroplasticity and remodeling. Again, there’s, I know these are technical words, but it just simply means that the brain has an amazing ability to change and adapt to pretty much everything that happens to us.


16:40          Neuroplasticity is kind of like Plato or silly putty and think of your brain as being like Plato or silly putty. Being able to mold and form around any stressful thing, anything that comes your way, it just adapts to anything in any condition. If you’re in the over 30 club, then you probably are keenly aware that as your brain gets older, it becomes less agile and less able to adapt or mold to changes. Kind of like when Plato or silly putty sits out in the sun, gets baked and kind of draws out, becomes really hard and brutal, da ta changes all this. It helps increase IGF one levels which improves your brain’s ability to stay pliable like Plato or silly putty. Scientists used to think this ability to have neuroplasticity could only occur in childhood. After childhood, it was over with the brain was set. It was becoming more and more like concrete, but now we know the ability for neuroplasticity is there throughout our entire life.


17:39          It’s just that when things like DTA levels decline as part of the aging process, it can make the ability to adapt a very challenging, and when we lose this ability, brain fog kicks in. Now, I don’t know about you, but as a busy health professional and business owner, I can’t afford to be dealing with brain fog like that. So I’ll leave you with this. As I mentioned in part one of the series, when I first started practicing functional medicine, I was super hesitant to add more than one or two things at a time. I would start with vitamin D and or DTA or vice versa, and then one week later I would add another treatment and continue this pattern every week until we had all the new treatments or new things added. I still laugh about it to this day because I would get phone calls from clients after the first week, mostly because I prompted them to give me a call in a week or two, let me know how you’re doing.


18:34          And they would say things like, oh, is it possible that I’m feeling better already just with this DTA? And of course, the answer was yes. When I would clarify what kind of improvement they were noticing, they would say things, so hike. You know, my mood is better. I can think more clearly. It’s like my head was stuck in the clouds, but now it’s not. So here at the optimal CEO, I craft a custom tailored wellness plans for men, high achieving men like CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influencers, wellness plans, custom-designed to correct hidden imbalances and optimize their peak flow state so they can double their productivity and half the time it takes with conventional approaches. If you’re struggling with brain fog or just plain old feeling bad and can’t seem to find the right solution to fix it, my inbox is always open. I would love to hear from you so we can explore some possible solutions to get you back on track.


19:29          You can message me anytime on Instagram or Facebook @TheOptimalCEO that’s Instagram or Facebook @TheOptimalCEO. I’d also like to share something very special with you guys that are listening out there today. On Saturday, November the ninth I’ll be hosting a one day mastermind in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s only for men. In the mastermind event, I’ll be revealing how the current medical system is broken and left. You without answers all because you’ve been reduced to a laboratory number on a piece of paper and possibly even been told it’s all in your head. I’ll be sharing with you how you can finally get the answers through my proprietary 360 incubator process. I’ll also be revealing how to get rid of that nagging voice inside of your head that says things like, I’ve been everywhere and tried everything. There’s no hope. Or maybe it says, I’ve set my expectations too high and just need to learn to live with it.


20:25          Or maybe it says my doctors, right? This is just the new normal for my age. Well, I don’t think those things are true. I’ll be sharing with you the exact pathway it takes to finally get the answers you deserve and renew your hope so you can reach your health goals. Feel better, have more energy, get rid of brain fog, lose weight, and keep it off. So lastly, I’ll be sharing with you why your worst enemy is Tom. You don’t have time to be away from the office sitting in a German festive waiting room for an hour or more. You don’t have time to be seen by a medical provider for only five minutes and told that everything is normal when you know it’s not. You don’t have time to be patronized and led to believe it’s all in your head and that you’ve just been relegated to a laboratory number on a piece of paper and you don’t have time to be given a prescription for an antidepressant or some other unwanted medication.


21:19          You simply don’t have time to waste. I’ll be sharing with you my proven process for getting answers and results as quickly as possible so that you can double your productivity and in half the time that it takes with conventional approaches. As a bonus, I’m super excited about this. I literally just finalized the details. I’ll have a special guest speaker who was responsible for orchestrating the executive coaching programs for arguably one of the most influential business mindset gurus in the world. A Guru who commands upwards of $100,000 to do a keynote speaking engagement for large corporations. My secret guest speaker is truly the magic behind the man and now speaks all over the world, sharing his knowledge and insight with high achievers regarding operating their businesses and life from a place of integrity and congruence with their purpose. I’ve sat under his teaching for over two years now and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being coached by him.


22:17          We’ve become close friends in the process and I’ve gone through the proprietary process which he teaches, and this is literally doubled my business within 90 days. This man’s wisdom is it’s truly a gift from God and he radically changes lives and businesses every day. It’s certainly changed mine now, people that paid as much as $36,000 to sit under his teaching and you’ll get access to his amazing teaching during this one-day event as an added bonus. If you’re interested in coming to this one day, once again, a laptop mastermind, you can message me on Instagram or Facebook @TheOptimalCEO and I’ll give you more details. By the way, there is an early bird pricing in the month of August, so reach out quickly to find out more details. I’d like to thank you for joining me today. Please tune in next time where I’ll be sharing with you the number three brain fog buster you can add to your armament to get you on the right path to feeling better and getting ready to brain fog as quickly as possible. You won’t want to miss it, so stay tuned. Until next time. This is Dr. Brian Brown, The Optimal CEO signing off. Hope you have an optimal


23:30          Here at The Optimal CEO Podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, because they know it’s their most prized investment, and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income soars. We want to help relieve CEO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure, so they can be highly focused on growing their business, and physically optimize for the journey, so they can enjoy getting there.

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