The Secret To Extraordinary Results… And Buying Back Your Freedom


sunset-on-beachYou are successful by most people’s standards. You already make a great income, but money isn’t the issue…. time is the issue. Time is a precious commodity that is elusive. You feel trapped, you wake up most days with the stark reality that time is running out, you have no time for family, and you aren’t able to travel or spend time doing the things you love to do anymore.

Do I have permission to be completely authentic with you? If so, keep reading.

Two phrases that I’ve come to know as lies…

“Success has a price” and “Time is money.” I’ve come the conclusion that both of these are total bold face lies. Time is time and money is money. One certainly can affect the other, but it doesn’t have to be that way, if you don’t want it to. You can learn to master both time and money.

As far as success having a price… this is usually quoted by people who fail… success has many rewards and getting there doesn’t have to be costly. I have worked with 100’s of people through the years who failed at their endeavors (relationship… finances… business… etc). They were sad, depressed, and frustrated because of it… and most every one of them said, “Success has a price.” To those who are successful, success requires an investment, but the rewards far outweigh any perceived or actual cost.

So here’s another thing I’ve discovered when it comes to time. It’s nothing crazy. It’s actually quite simple and elegant. The very thing that is so elusive… and the very thing we are trying to gain more of IS the one thing that can set us free… time. In fact, the only difference between you and the Trumps and Gates of this world is time… that’s it! It’s really that simple.

Couple Walking on Beach at SunsetI have found that time can be your friend, or it can be your enemy. We really get to decide. It’s up to us which role it plays in our life. Time can never be bought back, so we have to make the most of every day… every hour… every minute… and every second. The Trumps and Gates of this world have learned to manipulate, expand, and condense time in their favor. You can do the same… all you need is a Great Big WHY… a Strategy… a Plan… and Proper Execution! (more on this in a second)

The Great Big WHY that got me on track…

My WHY was crystal clear to me. First, I wanted to free my wife from her stressful job as a high school principal. Secondly,  I wanted to free myself. Healthcare has been stressful over the past eight years…. more paperwork… less time with patients… longer work days…. less insurance reimbursement… more stressful audits… and that’s just to name a few. Thirdly, I needed to travel again. I’ve never been a tourist. I’ve always been a traveler… there’s a big difference. A traveler, stays for extended periods of time in an area and becomes part of the community. I love the life of a traveler. When I travel, I also spend a good bit of my time shooting amateur photography. I needed to return to my hobby of photography… it is my stress relief…. it’s where I find my balance. Here’s one of my favorite pictures, of an acacia tree at sunset, that I shot in Masai Mara, Kenya  (Nikkon D-90 with polarizing filter on a wide angle lens by the way)…

I long to be back there shooting pictures… and relaxing by the pool at Kichwa Tembo safari lodge… having tea time at 3 p.m. every afternoon. Ahh… but I digress (the second picture, below, was taken on the front porch of my safari tent at Kichwa Tembo).

As I was saying, I am so keenly aware of what I want, that I can taste it. I review this WHY everyday. The definition of success that everyone else has made for me (and for successful people like you) is that we’ve “arrived” when we make a great salary and have nice things. But, we both know that it’s way more than just money. It’s about the freedom. Freedom is what defines success to me. I really don’t care how others dsc_0801define it because, for me, it’s all about the freedom.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the money is nice… and in order to do the things I love to do, I need quite a bit of it. Nevertheless, setting things in motion to have more money and more time had eluded me, until recently,  because it seemed like the more successful I was in business, the less time I had. Something had to give.

The STRATEGY & PLAN that Donald Trump & Bill Gates use…

The most successful people on the planet use it every minute of everyday. It’s how they manipulate time in their favor. Fortune 500 companies and small, successful companies use it. Businessmen and businesswomen use it. Salesmen and women use it. Stay at home moms are very skilled at using it. It’s a simple principle in math called geometric progression. Here’s how it works.

The first aspect of the principle is this… if you start with an initial “crappy effort,” you will have a “crappy outcome.” I have been the recipient and, ashamed to say, the occasional creator of “crappy effort” as I’m sure you have been too.  In order to fully leverage your time, money, effort… or whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, you must start with the “One Thing” that will propel you forward and successfully gain you traction…. “quality effort.”

Use “quality effort” correctly and you can topple Mount Everest…

Successful business owners everywhere can attest to this fact… nobody falls into success. The late Vince Lombardi once said, “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” It takes time to succeed. This is the one thing that unsuccessful people don’t understand… they perceive that successful people like me and you just fall into or luck into success. Based on experiences from the master teacher, “trial and terror,” most would say it takes time to line up “quality effort.” So, here’s the natural conclusion that you will probably come to… If you are going to invest time in any effort that will change yourself or your circumstances, why not identify the “one thing” that will give you the best chances of success for the time you invest? Here’s a great example…

In 2001, a physicist at the San Francisco Exploratorium created an experiment using dominoes where each domino was 50% larger than the next. For obvious reasons, he only created eight dominoes in this experiment. The first was two inches tall. The eighth domino was three feet tall. He pushed the two inch domino and, just like clockwork, every successive domino fell until the last one slammed with a loud boom! After this experiment, he ran the numbers. By the 10th domino, he calculated that it would be as tall as NFL Quarterback, Peyton Manning (a paltry 6’5″). By the 18th domino, it would be as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. By the 23rd domino… the Eiffel Tower. By the 31st…. Mount Everest…. and actually, that particular domino would be 3,000 feet taller than Everest.

The point is this. Some people spend too much time lining up dominoes that are all the same size, OR they line up one domino that’s two inches tall next to a domino that’s 30,000 feet tall… On the one hand, the first person has no progression toward achieving a higher goal… and on the other hand, the second person is trying to make too big of a jump; therefore, both are set up for failure, frustration, and disappointment.

Why not line up dominoes that are sequentially 50% larger than the next? Say to yourself, “Today, I will put domino “A” in place, and then I’ll ask myself, ‘What is the one thing I can do to make sure that domino “A” is solidly in place and falls when it’s pushed?’ Then, when tomorrow arrives (a day… ten days… or ten weeks from now), I will put domino “B” in place, which is 50% bigger than the one before it, and then I’ll ask myself, ‘What is the one thing I can do to make sure that domino “B” is solidly in place and falls when it’s pushed?’ Then I will repeat the process until I push over Mount Everest.”

Every great Strategy & Plan takes patience and consistent, daily effort…

Your priority is to give yourself permission to work on one domino at a time. If it takes you 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year…. give all of your effort to putting that one domino in place and making sure it’s ready to fall when pushed. Once you’re sure that you’ve done everything possible to bring about the success of that event, then and only then you can move on to the next domino in the series.

Once you understand this principle of patience and diligence, the process just repeats itself until you have a trail of dominoes, one progressively larger than the next, that are ready to be set in motion. And when you tip the stack at domino “A”, people will sit up and take notice. In fact, the whole universe will take notice. Why will they take notice? Because we live in a time of instant gratification. Rarely does anyone take the time to focus on ONE thing anymore until that ONE thing is perfect.

The reward is great… more time doing the things you love… more time with family… more time to travel the world… coming out from under the feeling of being trapped… losing that feeling that “if something doesn’t change, I won’t get to live the lifestyle I want to live when I retire some day”… and getting rid of that gnawing feeling in your stomach that tells you life is passing you by because you work all the time.

The PROPER EXECUTION strategy I discovered that works the best…

For years, I searched for the “One Thing” that would give me more time and more money to do the things I love…. without tying me down. The “One Thing” for me wasn’t that I needed a new career, although I have to say, I did think of changing professions at one time. It wasn’t that I needed to buy a franchise, because those simply cost too much. It wasn’t that I needed to go into network marketing, because I simply hate selling to family and friends (unfortunately… I’ve been there… done that).

I finally came to the conclusion that the “One Thing” I needed was some way to take my expertise into the digital economy… some system that would allow me to work from anywhere in the world. I didn’t know what that looked like or how to make it happen, but I was open to suggestions from the Big Man upstairs. And, I was on a mission to find that person or persons who could teach and coach me in the process.

One day, while watching a few TED-talk videos on You Tube, I ran across a video by a guy named Stuart Ross. He captivated me. This 30-something year old guy was living a lifestyle that I longed to live. As I watched his video, I realized that he had the answers to my problems. I later learned that he had formed a company to help coach successful people just like me find solutions to problems like mine.

In his videos, he spoke about a community of like-minded individuals who eagerly wanted the same thing. He spoke of a training system that was unparalleled in the industry of digital entrepreneurship. He spoke of a way to earn commissions while learning a system that would free up more time and eventually create a 3-4 hour work day for me. He said he would show me how to earn commissions as high as $10,000, or higher while I was learning this system. Then, he said that he would show me how to take these new skills and leverage my own professional expertise and experiences to position myself as an expert, so I could start earning money on my own products and services that I created. And… he would show me how to do this from anywhere in the world that that had an internet connection. In other words, I could travel and work from any destination in the world. I could live anywhere in the world. This was the solution to my problem.

You are only as successful as the

people you associate with

– author unknown

It was all intriguing, but if I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to deliver on his promises and I wasn’t even sure I was looking for a new skill set to learn or had the time to learn one. But one thing I did know… this guy had figured out a formula, a system, for living the lifestyle and making the kind of money that I wanted. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. He offered a free 7-day video tutorial on how to become a digital entrepreneur. I devoured it. I joined his free community website. Over ten days or so, I watched a ton of training videos and talked on the phone with one of his top coaches. The quality and caliber of the education was, hands down, the answer to giving me, what Stuart calls, the laptop lifestyle.

My wheels were spinning like crazy. I saw the huge potential in learning these new skills… in re-skilling my talents. He had all the bases covered. And, on top of that, I would be the master of my time instead of time mastering me. I would be able to learn from the very best coaches in the industry and take advantage of a system that would set me up for success the rest of my life. And, most importantly, I would be free. This appealed to me in a very big way, so I decided to work with Stuart and his team.

Here’s a  video of my mentor, Stuart Ross. Click on the link now and watch it. He’s an amazing guy and offers even more amazing insights into how you can live the laptop lifestyle. He even offers a free 7-day video e-course to help you discover how to become a digital entrepreneur. I’m confident that you will really enjoy it.

To gaining your freedom back,

Brian Brown

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