What’s Blocking Your Path?


dsc_0272Several years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to go on photo safari in Kenya, Africa. Fortunately, it was during the great wildebeest migration. If there is such a word, the “big-ness” of The Great Rift Valley is indescribable. The sky is big. The geography is big. The animals are big… or congregate in huge numbers… or both.  Words simply don’t do it justice. You must see it to believe it. Put it on your bucket list. You won’t regret it. Anyway, I digress… back to my point.

As a hobby photographer, I was so excited to see my first big game animal… much less see one of the greatest wonders of nature… the great wildebeest migration. The closer we got to the Masai Mara National Reserve, the more big game animals we saw.  The first thing I noticed was the zebra. Then we saw elephant, giraffe, and all manner of other grazing animal.  They were everywhere. As we got deeper into the reserve, I could see large, very large, brownish-black masses moving in unison across the valley.

What was it? I was curious. The further we drove, the more I realized that it was tens of thousands of wildebeests, maybe even hundreds of thousands, and before I knew it, we were right in the middle of them all. They surrounded us as far as the eye could see. They weren’t pretty or elegant like a giraffe. They made grunting noises like pigs, and the herd stared at you with thousands of haunting eyes as if sizing up your worthiness to be on this African plain with them.

As we made our way toward one of the rivers, the greatest spectacle was yet to come. Standing on a bluff, overlooking a river was a herd of wildebeests. A lone buck approached the water’s edge to see if crocodiles were visible. He stood there for what seems like ages just gazing up and down the river and then fixing his eyes on the opposite bank. Soon, the rest of the herd slowly approached him and filled the banks of the river. Then, in an instant, the whole herd leaped into the water. The river was a frenzy of activity. It was hard to make out what was happening because of all the commotion. Then, as the last of the herd cleared the banks on the other side, the carnage is evident; crocodiles were feasting on their newest meal. They were lying in wait under the water the entire time.

dsc_0317The determination and resilience of the wildebeest amazes me. Alone, they can accomplish very little. In a group, they can accomplish anything. No obstacle is too big or too daunting to slow them down… not even a river filled with crocodiles. Their survival literally depends upon them sticking together and seeing their mission through to the end.

When I started my journey as a digital entrepreneur, I was on a solo journey… left to face the crocodiles of the digital wild alone! My crocodiles came in the form of doubt… “I’m too old… I don’t have enough experience… I don’t have the technical skills… I don’t have enough time…”

Thank goodness I found a system that could give me the technical education and community I needed to succeed… a community made up of like-minded people of all ages, from all walks of life, with all manner of life experiences, all working on becoming digital entrepreneurs in their spare time. We were all headed in the same direction and helping each other cross the perilous rivers in our path. The good news is that you can still test-drive this education platform and get access to this amazing community with the same 30-day free trial that I took advantage of. Click here to find out more.


To your success in 2017,

Brian G. Brown

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