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What’s The Episode About?

In this episode, I’ll be talking about thyroid issues and why they may be your biggest challenge when it comes to overcoming brain fog. I’ll tell you why your medical provider unknowingly ignores its impact on your body and overall health, and is unable to make the proper diagnosis in the first place, which leaves you untreated.

Listen in above or on your favorite podcast app as I unravel this medical mystery, so you can finally get the treatment you so direly need to get rid of that brain fog.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The mysterious thyroid hormone  (01:03)
  • The corruption behind the makers of Synthroid (03:17)
  • There’s a lot of people out there with untreated low thyroid (08:16)
  • Find a medical professional who really understands thyroid management (13:33)
  • Getting your mojo back (17:32)

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When Was It Published?

August 21, 2019

Episode Transcript

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00:00          In today’s episode of The Optimal CEO Podcast, I’ll be sharing with you why thyroid issues may be your biggest challenge when it comes to overcoming brain fog, and why your medical provider unknowingly ignores its impact in your body, and is unable to make the proper diagnosis in the first place. Therefore, you’re left untreated, so stay tuned. As I unravel this medical mystery


00:27          Here at The Optimal CEO Podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, but because they know it’s their most prized investment and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income source. We want to help relieve CEO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure so they can be highly focused on growing their business and physically optimize for the journey so they can enjoy getting there.


01:03          I’m Dr. Brian Brown and I’d like to personally welcome you to today’s podcast episode. Thank you for joining me. This mystery about thyroid hormone, It just boggles my mind. And, it’s one of those things that kind of leaves patients, It leaves health consumers in the dark. I’ll explain more about that in a minute, and why that happens, but it’s one of those things that really just kind of gets under my skin. And for those of us who do functional and integrated medicine type practice, performance-based medicine, we’re always looking to see whether or not the thyroid is optimized, because it plays such a huge role in so many functions in the body, whether it be the brain, or metabolism, or digestion, or whatever. So, it boggles my mind why there’s… why there’s such a disconnect here. So we’re going to dive into this and take a look a deeper look at how thyroid helps with multiple things in the body.


02:00          So, here’s the rub, and I’m going to get on my soapbox for a minute, if that’s okay with you. I’m tired of people feeling bad and being told untruths about their thyroid function. Medical professionals don’t know what they don’t know, but the problem is, they think they know everything, at least when it comes to thyroid diagnosis and management. Now, I know personally, that’s true. I used to be one of those people. When you’re in that mindset, you’ll say things like, “Well, natural thyroid medications are dangerous.” Or you’ll say things like, “Synthroid or Levothyroxin, which is the generic pyrethroid, is the only option that medical professionals should use for thyroid treatment, and if you use anything else, it’s malpractice. Or, those natural thyroid medications have inconsistent doses and put the patient in danger.” I gotta be honest with you, I’m not making this stuff up.


02:58          I’ve heard all of these untruths come from the mouths of patients, that they’ve experienced from their primary care doctors, their OBGYN’s, their endocrinologists, it aggravates the crap out of me that I have to fight this unnecessary battle along with my other like-minded medical peers. It does nothing but hurt you. The client, the health consumer, the one trying to feel better and get rid of brain fog, and have more energy so you can increase your productivity, and get twice as much done in half the time. It’s just frustrating. So, where did all this go wrong? The unscrupulous practices of big pharma is where I… I mean, I don’t know how else to put it. So let me explain. There’s an amazing newspaper article from the Wall Street Journal that exposes all the corruption behind the makers of Synthroid and yet I’m naming a pharmaceutical drug name because that’s what the Wall Street Journal did.


04:00          I’m referencing this, this is not coming out in my mind, just pulled out of thin air. The title of the article is how a drug firm paid for university study. Then undermined research on thyroid tablets found cheap ones were just as good as sponsors, e Synthroid and the article, crazy thing. It was pulled at the last minute. The research article is talking about, so if you don’t believe me, look at Wall Street Journal and type in that title and you’ll find it. No, I don’t want to bore you with the details of what the article talked about, but I’m going to give you a few tidbits. The original company BOOT’s pharmaceuticals commissioned a study with a cherry-picked research panel to compare name brand Synthroid to generic versions. You see at the time they were starting to get a lot of, they were losing profit share because generic levothyroxine was entering the market and they wanted to do a study proving that Synthroid was much more effective and much more potent than the generic versions.


05:07          After the study had been submitted to the Journal of American Medical Association or Jama for publication in 1994 which was four years after the study was done, the researchers mysteriously withdrew the submission of the article to Jama, come to find out through Wall Street journals, investigation. The data showed no difference between the generic and the name brand and when the researchers went back to boots pharmaceuticals and told them this, they had a fit and they did not want the article published. The researchers at the university were saying, no, we’re going to publish it and boots pharmaceuticals put legal pressure on the university where the researchers were on faculty and boom, the study disappeared. Then the Wall Street Journal got wind of it and published article that I just referenced about the corruption of Big Pharma. The company during that process or right around the time of that sold out.


06:05          Yeah, you heard me, right. That’s the German chemical company that works with agriculture and later became Knole Pharmaceuticals. But the business of intimidation continued with threats of lawsuits despite the company being sold and becoming different company in 1997 seven years after the study was completed, no pharmaceuticals was feeling the pressure of bad publicity and they finally dropped their campaign, their legal campaign of intimidation, and the article was allowed to be published in Jama. I mean, you can find it there to this day. Now this may sound insane. I know, and I’m not promoting Livo thyroxin or Synthroid, but it does have its place for some people, but it sounds insane because it is insane. Suppression of information seems to be the order of the day for some big Pharma brands and it sure was for the makers of Synthroid, yet natural thyroid medication, the oldest and most effective thyroid treatment on the planet is still made out to be the villain by big Pharma.


07:16          And the only reason I can define why this happened is that it was all part of a slick marketing ploy to create just enough confusion that health consumers and medical professionals alike would request and use their drug by name Synthroid. It seems that somewhere around the late 1970s early 1980s when the pharmaceutical company was ramping up its promotion of Synthroid, they crafted a powerful sales message and rolled it out to medical professionals. You see, this was at the time that there wasn’t direct to consumer marketing for medications like it is today where you turn on the TV or you pick up your magazine and every other advertisement is for a pharmaceutical drug. But at the time it seemed as though they knew that all they had to do was convince medical professionals that the only laboratory value that needed to be checked was a TSH or thyroid-stimulating hormone.


08:16          Now hear me when I say this, there’s nothing inherently wrong with checking TSH. I check it every time I draw thyroid labs on a client and you should check it every time, but the problem is this. If you base all of your clinical decisions only on one thyroid marker, then you leave a massive number of patients with untreated low thyroid conditions. Meaning there are a lot of people out there, and I mean a lot of people with brain fog related to untreated low thyroid who just simply fall through the cracks. So why did big Pharma develop a sales message that would leave so many people untreated? Here’s what I’ve to conclude, Synthroid and now the generic forms levothyroxine they are all synthetic t for these medications, truly lower TSH, which is the goal. And when someone has a formal diagnosis of hypothyroid or low thyroid, notice I said formal diagnosis.


09:15          In fact, they are quite good. These medications are quite good at lowering TSH, but just because you have t four onboard or synthetic t four onboard and it effectively lowers TSH doesn’t mean that it’s clinically effective. Meaning it doesn’t mean that the patient actually feels the effects of it to the degree that they should. Meaning the brain fog simply doesn’t clear. You see t for the only component of Synthroid is the non-active form of all your thyroid hormones. T three is the active form of thyroid hormone that don’t get confused. It’s really simple. We’re talking about two players here, t four and t, three t three being the active form, the usable form of thyroid. So having t four levels that are going up because of Synthroid being added or the patient taking Synthroid doesn’t mean that your body will convert that T4 properly to T3.


10:21          It’s a huge mistake to assume that t four is going to convert properly to T3 for everyone. In fact, people 35 to 40 years of age and older will not convert properly. People with any form of autoimmune disorder, whether that’s Hashimoto’s or any other autoimmune disorder, will not convert it properly. People with any form of anemia, whether it be a mild vitamin B deficiency or a mild iron deficiency, will not convert it properly and people with low vitamin D will not convert it properly and some people for no reason at all, simply won’t convert it properly. So I think the makers of Synthroid attempted to deflect the attention away from T3 and onto TSH because they knew that Synthroid didn’t do much to raise T3 levels to the level that it needed to be to help you feel better, have more energy, and get rid of brain fog.


11:24          So what were the repercussions of this? Well, this is a great question. Within a few short years of Synthroid slick marketing campaign rolling out to medical professionals, medical education changed in the United States and later changed worldwide to reflect that the only thyroid marker that treatment should be based upon is TSH or thyroid-stimulating hormone. And from that point forward, generations of medical professionals have been to big Pharma’s dirty little agenda. In addition to that, medical professionals were really kind of encouraged or discouraged from looking at t four and t three because at the end of the day, if all my treatment lands on TSH or is based upon TSA, it’s why would I need to be concerned with t 43 so there are many medical professionals that only check TSH, but even if they do check at four or a T3 in many cases they’re not sure what to do with that.


12:28          And in other cases, they only check total t four and total T3 c there’s a huge difference between total t four in total three and the bioavailable forms of those hormones free t four and free t three and they also miss the fact that reverse t three levels and another name for that is anti-thyroid hormone can interfere tremendously with the activity of free t three the problem is is that reverse t three comes from T4. When T4 is failing at it’s attempt to convert into free t three again, leaving you feeling bad and with tons of brain fog and low energy. So how do we overcome these issues? Again, that’s a great question. The short answer is you don’t, you don’t even try. You don’t try to convince your medical professional otherwise. Just like with vitamin D and D Hea I’ve had some clients persist and they try to educate their medical professionals.


13:33          And again, sometimes it works, but most of the time it backfires. And many cases medical professionals simply get offended or they don’t have time to read any educational materials that a client or patient gives them. Now you aren’t and you shouldn’t be on a crusade to convince another medical professional anyway because their way of thinking is usually set in stone and ego wins the day every time in this particular instance. So what are you to do? Well, the answer is quite simple. Find a medical professional who understands that thyroid management is based on multiple markers including free t three and your symptoms that need to improve, not just one laboratory number, uh, like TSH. What symptoms should you know about and that are related to low thyroid? Well, let’s go over a few of them. Weakness, a feeling cold all the time, fatigue and the feeling cold can be cold hands or cold feet.


14:35          It’s, it doesn’t have to be whole body. It can be cold hands, cold feet, fatigue, thinning hair, thin skin, thin nails or weak, brittle nails, weight gain, increase in body fat, low energy, low motivation, low mood, loss of memory, cognitive and poor sense of wellbeing. If you get these doll down and you’re working with the right professional who understands the totality of multiple diode markers to get the complete picture, they take all of your symptoms into consideration and they understand the difference between primary hypothyroidism, secondary and tertiary, which we didn’t talk about and that’s too technical, too clinical, but they understand the difference between those. Then you’re willing your way to getting rid of brain fog. Now, there are numerous studies that support normalization of t three levels as effective at alleviating symptoms associated with brain fog studies that show improvement in memory, an improvement in attention, concentration and focus, improvement in cognitive impairment and improvement in depression.


15:35          Now, I’m not going to go into all of those studies. There’s simply too many, but I will talk about one study that specifically looked at cognitive impairment and showed that the healthier the thyroid levels, the better, the better. The cognitive performance was. Researchers in this study stated that as we age, we may require more thyroid hormone or higher thyroid hormone levels in the middle and upper ranges in order to maintain optimal brain functioning. They also pointed out that variations meaning decreases in these thyroid hormone levels can have significant cognitive consequences and this is key even in patients with normal laboratory values on their thyroid hormones. And lastly, they added that based on this information, there are a large number of untreated persons walking around among us. And I think personally that’s quite sad because it’s so unnecessary. Again, it goes back to that battle that we have to fight all because you know we have big Pharma to thing for that.


16:41          I’ll leave you with this. None of us have time to be away from our, our work commuting round trip to see a medical professional. None of us have time to sit in a German fest in the medical office for an hour or more. None of us have Tom to only be seen for five minutes and have our treatment, our thyroid treatment, any treatment, relegated to a laboratory number on a piece of paper. None of us have time to feel bad or have brain fog. We simply don’t have time for any of it. What we do have time for is feeling better and getting rid of brain fog as quickly as possible so we can increase our productivity and get twice as much done and half the time it takes with normal conventional methods. So that’s what we have time for and that’s what we desire. And with the right medical professional in partnership with us, that’s exactly what we’ll get here at the optimal CEO.


17:32          I craft custom-tailored wellness plans for men, high achieving men like CEOs, entrepreneurs and influencers, wellness plans, custom-designed to correct hidden imbalances and optimize their peak flow state so they can double their productivity and half the time it takes with conventional, if you’re struggling with brain fog or just plain old feel bad and can’t seem to find the right solution to fix it, my inbox is always open. I’d love to hear from you so we can explore some possible solutions to getting you back on track, improving your productivity and getting you back in the game. Getting your Mojo back. You can message me on Instagram or Facebook at the optimal CEO. I’d also like to share something very special with my guys who listen out there. On Saturday, November 9th I’ll be hosting a one day mastermind in Nashville, Tennessee and it’s just for men only and the mastermind event.


18:25          I’ll be revealing how the current medical system is broken and left. You without answers all because you’ve been reduced to a laboratory number on a piece of paper and possibly even told them it’s all in your head. I’ll share with you how you can finally get answers through my proprietary three 60 incubator process. I’ll also be revealing how to get rid of that nagging voice inside your head that says, I’ve been everywhere and tried everything. There’s no hope. Or maybe the voice says, well, I’ve set my expectations too high and just need to learn to live with it. Or maybe the voice says, you know, maybe my doctor’s right. This is just the new normal for my age. I’ll be sharing with you the exact pathway it takes to finally get the answers you deserve and renew your hope so you can reach your health goals, feel better and have more energy.


19:12          Get rid of brain fog, lose weight, and keep it off and sleep like a baby again. Lastly, I’ll also be sharing with you while your worst enemy is Tom, as I mentioned previously, we don’t have time to waste. What we do have time for is to feel better, so I’ll be sharing with you my proven process for getting answers and results as quickly as possible, saving you valuable time, ultimately doubling your productivity and getting you back on track as a bonus. I’m super excited about this and I have a good friend that is is world-renowned. He was responsible for orchestrating the executive coaching program for arguably one of the most influential business mindset gurus in the world. Agree with that commands upwards of $100,000 for a keynote engagement, and my guest speaker is truly the magic behind the man and now speaks all over the world.


20:04          Sharing his knowledge and insight. I’ve sat under his teaching for two years and in the process, we become amazing friends and he is agreed to come share his knowledge with us. It’s truly a gift from God and he radically changes lives and he certainly changed mine literally by using what he taught me. I doubled my business within a 90 day period after sitting under his teaching, people who paid as much as $36,000 to sit under his teaching. And you’ll get access to his teaching during this one-day event as an added bonus, no additional costs if you’re interested in coming to this one day, once in a lifetime, a mastermind in Nashville, Tennessee. You can message me on Instagram or Facebook at the optimal CEO and I’ll give you more details. And by the way, there’s an early bird pricing for the month of August. So reach out quickly for more details. I’d like to thank you for joining me today. Please tune in next time where I’ll be sharing the number four brain fog buster you can add to your armament to get you on the right path to feeling better and getting rid of brain fog as quickly as possible. You won’t want to miss it sustained. Until next time. This is Dr. Bryan Brown, the optimal CEO signing off, and I hope you have an optimal day


21:21          Here at the optimal CEO podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, but because they know it’s their most prized investment and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income source. We want to help relieve CDO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure so they can be highly focused on growing their business and physically optimize for the journey so they can enjoy getting there.

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