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god father hormone

What’s The Episode About?

In this episode,  I’ll be sharing with you exactly what the mysterious godfather hormone is, why it’s even called the godfather hormone, and many of the things that it can do to help you. This hormone is frequently overlooked even by those in functional and integrative medicine, despite being lauded as a solution to a lot of health issues.

Stay tuned as I dive deeper into that to enlighten you on it’s great potential in helping anyone optimize their health for the better.

Key Points Discussed:

  • The miraculous little hormone that solves a lot of issues in the human body (00:52)
  • The health risks of having low levels of the godfather hormone (03:10)
  • The role of natural killer cells (05:06)
  • The more humane way of approaching the lack of knowledge about treatments (08:48)
  • People who should stay away from Data until the right time (13:52)

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When Was It Published?

October 9, 2019

Episode Transcript

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00:00          In today’s episode of the Optimal CEO Podcast, I’ll be sharing with you exactly what this mysterious godfather hormone is, why it’s even called the godfather hormone, and many of the things that it can do to help you. So stay tuned as we dive in


00:17          Here at The Optimal CEO Podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, but because they know it’s their most prized investment and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income source. We want to help relieve CEO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure so they can be highly focused on growing their business and physically optimize for the journey so they can enjoy getting there.


00:52          Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Brown and I’d like to personally welcome you to today’s podcast episode. Thank you for joining me. So what is this mysterious godfather hormone? More so than vitamin D, this little mysterious hormone is frequently overlooked even by those in functional and integrative medicine. It’s a miraculous little hormone that’s linked to multiple issues in the human body, for example, it’s known to reduce cardiovascular risk by decreasing visceral body fat, meaning that that sneaky little bad fat that hangs around your organs on the inside of your abdominal cavity. It stimulates the immune system, it restores sexual vitality, improves mood, has anti-depressant like qualities, it decreases cholesterol, it has anti-cancer properties because of its immune enhancement, and improves memory. And it also improves pain, and fatigue, and chronic fatigue type syndromes and helps restore healthy sleep. So, what is this all about? Well, let me give you a model. First you, let’s dive into a stair-step.


02:07          Imagine yourself standing at the top of a staircase, and the top stair represents Pragnenalone, which is a hormone that comes from cholesterol. It’s one of the first hormones that comes from cholesterol. And then we have the next step down on the staircase, this godfather hormone. And then, from that godfather hormone comes testosterone, and from testosterone comes your estrogens. Now, the godfather hormone is considered an androgen type of hormone, meaning it’s in that testosterone line. Thus the reason that testosterone forms from this godfather hormone and estrogen forms from it, it’s kind of like a godfather. I remember the first time I saw the godfather movie, and Don Corleone was just this enigmatic figure that just kinda captured the imagination. And, even though you knew that he was up to criminal activity, you kind of bought into the fact that you are on his side.


03:10          Now, one of the things about the godfather was is that, he always called the shots. He was always in control and this little godfather hormone is much like that. It calls the shots in multiple systems within the body, and we’ll go into more detail on that here in just a second. But it’s also kind of like the godfather that at any time, the godfather steps down from power, or whether he passes away, or whatever the case may be, there’s chaos in the entire system, and it brings about this… this massive amount of disorder. For example, when this little godfather hormone is in low levels in the body, research shows us that you’re at higher risk for cancer, you’re at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, higher risk for Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, low thyroid and adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome. So this is not a lightweight little hormone.


04:07          Now, if you’re wondering what it is, it’s actually DATA and D, a T a is that godfather hormone that I’m talking about. I’ve spoken about the DTA before, but not in this particular light. So let’s take a look at what studies say about DHEA more specifically. I’m going to talk to you about the work of Dr. William Regal’s sin. And he was a clinical oncologist by training, but he devoted much of his life to researching things like melatonin and their immune-enhancing properties and their, their work in a possible role in cancer treatment. And today we’re actually seeing the fruits of that labor and DTA. And there are similar roles in the treatment are or how they play into the treatment of cancer. So he was always fascinated with finding the next biggest and greatest medical breakthrough and what that would mean for the field of medicine.


05:06          Many consider him the authority on da a, he’s definitely a, one of the world’s foremost researchers or was and pioneer when it comes to DTA. He actually called the ATA the super hormone. He found that DHE, an improved immune function, it actually increased natural killer cells. You have to think of natural killer cells are kind of like the centurions that are constantly on guard for anything that’s out of balance and they go investigate. That’s what a natural killer cells cell does. So what will happen is, is everybody, whether we want to admit this or not, we produce cancer like sales all the time and our immune system is healthy enough, are supposed to be healthy enough to actually identify those and attack those. That’s what killer cells do. Natural killer cells do. They identify these early cells that may or may not be looking cancerous and they just go ahead and take care of them.


06:05          They clean them out and get or get rid of them. And then one of the other things he found about the ATA that was amazing that it seemed to, and his words tame the stress hormones such as cortisol. Now what we know about cortisol is that when a person is struggling with adrenal insufficiency, meaning they’ve been overstimulating their adrenals, their adrenaline has been elevated, their cortisol subsequently has followed that. And also been elevated and what will happen is over time, DHE a which also is produced mainly from the adrenals will actually start lagging behind. Now the problem is that DHG a is that godfather in that antagonizes the effects of cortisol and other words that keeps the effects of cortisol from doing their damage and there’s actually been some more recent research studies that showed that people with type two diabetes had higher cortisol levels and when DTA was added, their cortisol levels came down in their blood sugar levels came down.


07:11          See, cortisol is nothing but a steroid and if you’ve ever taken like a Medrol dose pack or any type of steroids for any medical reason, typically if you’re not diabetic, you never had reason to know this. It would elevate your blood sugar, but if you were a diabetic you knew for a fact that it actually those steroids, the steroid treatment that you were taken for a respiratory infection or whatever else was actually raising your blood sugar. There’s something in the medical field that we always have to watch for, but what we found is, is the DGA actually down-regulates that and actually decreases the risk of that blood sugar going up and it knows what type two diabetes who deal with high blood sugar all the time. We actually find that DTA can help regulate cortisol levels and subsequently bring those blood sugar levels down.


07:56          So what does all this mean? Well, in my book that’s coming out later this fall called happiness hijackers, I talk about boxes that we get put into now. Typically a, there’s only one box that people get put into when it comes to DTA. And if you’ve not heard me talk about boxes, I’ll explain really quickly. It’s kind of the adage of thinking inside the box or thinking outside the box. Well, inside the box thinking goes something like this. You go to your medical provider and you say, Hey, I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new supplement. It’s supposed to help balance my hormones and help blood sugar and help my immune system and a whole bunch of other stuff. And your medical provider may or may not say something like this, well, I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds dangerous, so just stay away from it because you know supplements aren’t well-regulated.


08:48          Well, how do we refute that? What’s our argument for that? It’s kinda hard to refute ignorance and I mean ignorance in the strictest sense of the term means just a lack of knowing or a lack of understanding. When a person doesn’t know about a certain thing, they tend to avoid it and some people would go for as not only to avoid it, but just bad talk it and they’ll say, nah, you don’t need to do that. Instead of saying pushing their ego out of the way and saying, I’m really not that familiar with it, therefore I can’t give you any counsel on whether or not you should take it or shouldn’t take it. It sounds like it has some promise, but again, I haven’t done the research on it. I don’t know. See that’s the more humane way of approaching that from a medical provider standpoint.


09:31          But a lot of times we’re dealing with egos and we don’t necessarily see those things or see that type of response, so the bottom line is is that we need to be aware that it may not be well received by our medical providers. Now I’m not saying go out Willy nilly buys some DHE a off the shelf and take it. No. In fact the opposite is true. I think you need to work with somebody who’s well versed in these, in these types of treatments because not all DHE a is equal. Some DTA is immediate released. In fact, most of it over the counter is immediate release. It’s quite difficult to find one that’s time-released in a format that actually spreads it out over at least a 12 to 18 hour period. Some that call themselves time-released will maybe stay in your system about three to four hours and then then they’re out of your system.


10:18          The problem with that is is that it can cause things like issues, skin issues like acne. If it’s in and out of your system too quickly, which means your levels got really, really high and then they nosedive. That’s something that you don’t want. You want your levels to be slow and sustained and you want somebody that understands what DHE is doing in the body and how I can work with you. Now, there’s another supplement on the market called seven Kito DTA. Totally, totally the wrong or wrong product, a, that’s a totally different talk for another day. Stay away from that product for these particular reasons in that it’s not the same as the DTA we’re talking about here. Now, if you look at what big pharma is doing, they’re actually doing some research with DHE and its possible role in the treatment of fibromyalgia and lupus.


11:09          I’ll actually want to tell you a story about that. So I have a client that has both lupus and fibromyalgia. I actually have several clients and they’ve all received similar results. But one particular case comes to mind and in this particular case this person was, they really weren’t doing so well and so I wanted to take a very conservative approach and I made a couple of little modifications the very first time I saw them, but I added DTA and I said, we’re going to test this out and we’re going to see how you do with this and I’m going to be a little bit more aggressive over the long haul, but the dosing, so the shorts short answer or short, part of the story is, is that over the course of several months, this patient began to feel better and better and better and then went on an extended trip, forgot to take their DTA, that time-released a form of that which comes from a compounding pharmacy where we get it compounded.


12:02          They forgot to take it with them and they kind of crashed. They were gone for two weeks and they started feeling bad again. So we knew it was probably a culmination of everything that we had been doing with this particular client. But in particular, the DTA because that was the only thing they forgot to pack when they pack their luggage for the trip and uh, come to find out, once they got back home and got back on the DHE, they resumed that former dose that they were on. Uh, within four or five days they started feeling better again. One of the first things they said they noticed was the fact that they, um, they were feeling depressed and their pain came back, uh, related to the fibromyalgia and then their overall energy or related to lupus started going downhill again. So does DACA play a huge role in your life, even if you don’t have fibromyalgia or lupus?


12:53          Absolutely. You know, I’ve mentioned some of the roles that the AGA plays and these are published benefits. I’ve actually done the research. I’ve looked at these studies and these are in reputable medical journals. And as I said earlier, they can help with cardiovascular disease, immune system function, improving mood, decreasing cholesterol. They have immune function benefits in helping out with cancer. We also know that helps prevent osteoporosis. Studies also show it prevents atherosclerosis or build up a plaque in the arteries and reduces insulin resistance and helps with lipid peroxidation. In other words, it acts as an antioxidant, reduces inflammation and cellular damage related to high cholesterol. So DHE is not for everybody, don’t, don’t get me wrong when I’m saying this, but it, it plays a huge role in a lot of people’s lives. When I say it’s not for everybody, there’s one particular group that probably needs to stay away from it until they go into menopause.


13:52          And that would probably be women with polycystic ovary syndrome. These women tend to have higher DTA levels anyway. Remember, peace has to do with insulin resistance and the internal resistance leads to higher levels of androgens like DHE and testosterone. So we want to kind of keep an eye on those people and when it’s the right time to add it, we added because the health benefits are huge. But in particular in the early, early phases of someone’s life with PCLs, we would stay away from that. So that brings us to talk on DTA to a close today. For those of you who have been following me, following me for a while. You know, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, influencers, and CEOs, a really in passionate about helping high achieving people move from great to extraordinary by crafting a custom-tailored wellness plan for them that helps them, uh, uncover hidden imbalances in their body, dominated the peak performance and optimize for life longevity.


14:53          Because let’s face it, if we’re dominating at the peak performance level and optimize for life longevity, then we can have a greater impact with our lives. If you’re feeling like you need to talk with someone, an expert on authority, on longevity and uh, and peak performance, then I’d love to talk to you. My inbox is always open. If you want to message me on, uh, LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram, you can reach me at the optimal CEO at Facebook, on Instagram and on, on LinkedIn. You can reach me at, uh, Brian, Dr. Brian G. Brown. So for those of you guys who want to go ahead and uh, set something up and maybe schedule a 15-minute strategy session where we can kind of talk through what’s going on with you, uh, the only thing I ask is, uh, fill out a simple 23 question questionnaire. You can go to and uh, at the top of the page you’re gonna notice a link there that says work with Dr. B.


15:54          Just click on that link, fill out the application, and as soon as we’ve had a chance to review that application, we’ll get back in touch with you. My administrative assistant will get back in touch with you and we’ll move forward with the scheduling a phone call. I’d like to thank you for joining me today. Please tune in next time as I’ll be sharing more on how you can optimize your life, how you can optimize for longevity and dominated the peak performance level. Until next time, this was Dr. Brian Brown, the Optimal CEO signing off. And I hope you have an optimal day


16:28          Here at The Optimal CEO Podcast, we help CEO entrepreneurs who love taking ownership of their wellness journey, but because they know it’s their most prized investment and when their state of wellness is at its peak, their income source. We want to help relieve CEO entrepreneurs from the pressure of unnecessary health exposure so they can be highly focused on growing their business and physically optimize for the journey so they can enjoy getting there.


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