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Promoting Strong Community, Hope, & Personal Empowerment Through Wellness.

I believe in hope! I am a purveyor of hope!

Without it, there is no future.

Without it, you are destined to live in bondage.


~ Brian G. Brown

Early in my wellness and functional medicine career, I began receiving feedback from clients that they had hope for the first time in a very long time. They also felt listened to. They would often tell me this during the first visit.

What was different? How was this so unique? After all, meeting others’ needs on the deepest level is what I went to school for. 

Then, one day, it dawned on me. People have lost their voice.

In many instances, traditional medical care has become more like a cattle call.

You sit in a waiting room for an hour or more, then you are herded into a room, where you wait some more, then the medical provider enters for a few minutes with barely enough time to breath, much less listen intently and fully to what is going on in your life.

You leave feelling frustrated. You think to yourself, “They didn’t hear me.” Now, your frustration has turned to anger. Your body, in these mid life years, just isn’t cooperating with you, but all you receive from your trusted medical provider are messages like, “All of your lab work is normal… there’s nothing wrong… here’s a prescription for an antidepressant.” 

All the while, you’re screaming on the inside, trying hard not to lose your religion saying, “My lab work may look normal, but I’m not normal! I’m far from it! I can’t stand myself much less being around other people right now, and I sure as heck don’t need an antidepressant!!!”

Does this sound familiar? For many people in middle age years, it does. Why does this mantra occur over and over? I personally believe it’s because our current medical system, in many ways, is very broken.

It’s easy to blame medical providers… 

because we are the most visible. We are in the trenches, day in and day out. Those of us in the trenches are powerless to the political and economic wheels that churn this massively broken machine we call modern medicine.

At mininum, the mantra is propogated by the agendas of Fortune 500 companies who have a vested interest in  making their bottom lines fatter and their share holders happier. 

Insurance companies and big pharmaceutical conglomerates rule the economic and political landscape. Insurance reimbursement continues to nose dive, pharmaceutical prices continue to soar, deductibles continue to rise, and out of pocket expenses for patients are at an all time high.

For many medical practices, that are operating on a shoestring budget, this means seeing higher numbers of patients per hour, which translates to less time for direct patient contact.

On top of this, regardless of whose name is on the building, medical providers who accept insurance work for the insurance companies, NOT for themselves. Patients aren’t aware of this fact, and neither are most medical providers.

If you don’t believe this is true, try getting a procedure done that the insurance company doesn’t deem necessary. Better yet, try getting a medication that isn’t on your insurance company’s formulary. You will have to jump through hoops in order to get accomplished what your medical provider knows you need. It’s sad but true. 

If I had a dollar for every story I’ve heard along these lines, I’d be a very wealthy man. 

You may be thinking, “Brian, this all makes sense. The system is broken for sure. But, where do you fit into all of this?”

One of my most important professional achievements..

was transitioning my private practice from a traditional medical model to a blended, functional medicine model without having to depend on insurance reimbursement anymore.

I realized years ago, when I took a 40% decrease in reimbursement over a four year period, that this business model was failing. I was in private psychiatric practice at the time. All the other medical disciplines appeared safe. My colleagues told me it was just a psychiatric specialty issue. But, I knew better. I knew that what happened to me was only the beginning. I knew this house of cards was beginning to crumble.

Sure enough, within two years, my primary care colleagues began feeling the pinch. It stung badly. The days of nice profits from owning your own primary care practice were over. Insurance companies had to protect their share holders, upper management bonuses, and their bottom lines. And, primary care had to pay the price.

I’ve been out of the hamster wheel for years now. I’m not dependent upon insurance reimbursement for my livelihood. 

For clients, this means…

I don’t work for an insurance company. I work 100% for their interests. I get to help them feel better, find balance, lose weight, and get off of antidepressants. I’m so passionate about this, that I’ve even written a book about it called, Happiness Hijackers: How To Navigate the Eight Most Common Happiness Hijackers in Midlife and Beyond. 


For other medical providers, this means…

I get to share my knowledge of how to effectively  transition their practice from insurance to cash-pay, how to grow their business, and how to clinically add to their skillset in order to meet the needs of clients from a functional and integrative medcine approach. 

I light up when I see the proverbial light bulb come on after sharing my knowledge and experience with clients and other health professionals. I see hope in their eyes that maybe a broken system can be improved upon. I see personal empowerment in knowing that there are answers out there. I see a future, brighter than ever, where clients and health professionals have a voice again. 

Whether in a one-on-one setting in the office, in a coffee shop with another professional, or sharing my business insights with a group of peers, one truth shines through… my purpose. 

My purpose is to…

Understand others and meet their needs with grace so that they are shown unconditional love that inspires them to find their voice.

My professional purpose, my mission… is to help you find your voice… to give you hope… to help you discover the best course of action for your unique needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a client seeking answers as to why your mid-life body is letting you down… or you are a medical provider looking for a way out of the nightmare created by an insurance-based medical practice. My mission is to help you out of this rut. 

7 Cardinal Principles of Wellness

No Magic Bullets

There is no magic pill or magic bullet to make someone well because the human body is way too complex for that…

Taking Ownership

Those who take full ownership of the wellness journey & do their part to pursue the 5 Pillars of Wellness will find wellness…

Every Cell Desires Balance

Every cell in the human body desires to return to a state of balance, or wellness


Those who blame medical providers for their own shortcomings will fail

Patience In the Process

Imbalances, or states of dis-ease, that have been going on for some time will take time to turn around, therefore be patient with the process

Comparing Apples & Oranges

Those who compare functional medicine treatments to traditional medicine treatments will experience frustration and failure.

Predicting Time

One cannot predict the amount of time that it will take to reach a state of wellness because it depends on multiple factors (i.e., age, length of disease, patient’s responsible action, number of co-morbid illnesses, amount of adaptive reserve, etc.). Attempting to predict this sets everyone up for failure…

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