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Brian Brown in a nut shell…


Brian Griffin Brown – Jackson, Tennessee

The purpose of this blog is…

Medical Professional, Turned Online Business Consultant & Professional Online Marketer, Finds Passion In Helping Others Become Successful Digital Entrepreneurs…


A few things you may not know about me…

  • I have a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and I’ve studied Kenpo and Jujitsu
  • I used to be 390 pounds and have lost over 140 pounds… I’ve kept it off for over nine years now
  • I love spending time with family
  • I love doing charitable medical relief work in underserved areas of the world
  • I love to travel and shoot amateur photography of the places I’ve been, cultures I’ve experienced, and people I’ve seen.


My name is Brian Brown. Thanks for checking out my blog. Allow me to introduce myself.  Several years ago, I guess you could say I was going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis… at least in my professional career.  As a health professional and successful small business owner, I owned two businesses and was living what everyone else might consider the dream. The problem was that I was putting in 70 plus hours per week and having less and less to show for it… taxes were going up, overhead was going up, cost of living was going up, and the hard reality that I had not had a raise in 7 years was setting in.

I felt frustrated and stuck.  I had less time, money, and freedom than I had ever had in my entire life.  I also felt like time was running out to provide for the kind of retirement that I wanted for my future.  So, I decided that I had to change some things.  It was time for me to take charge and start living life on my own terms.

I began looking for something that would free me from this chaos…. something that would give me more time, flexibility, and freedom while, at the same time, allowing me to support my family and travel the world. I didn’t find the answer overnight, but I did find the answer eventually.

Now, I get payed as a consultant by recommending and reselling products and services that I trust and use from other companies on this website.  Now that I’ve learned how to reach my goals, it’s time to help others reach their goals. In fact, it’s something that I’ve become passionate about. You never know… you could become one of my next success stories.

My site, briangbrownonline.com, introduces you to the very training, education, and mentoring system that helped me get my start online. I recently partnered with my mentors to help bring you that very same system. Now, I’m looking for people who are truly motivated to reach their goals and recapture more time and freedom in 2017. If that describes you, take a look around my site and get in touch.

To living a freedom lifestyle,

Brian G. Brown

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