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30: High Testosterone In Women Can Be A Huge Problem

In this episode, I’ll be sharing why some women have high testosterone and what kind of havoc it can wreak on their system when it occurs. When it comes to testosterone levels in women, there’s a lot of confusion among women, and also among health professionals.

29: Women’s Wonder Drug – Vitamin P

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my experience with helping women overcome a host of hormone imbalances and mood issues with a miracle Vitamin that experts in functional medicine would arguably agree every woman needs.

27: The God-Father Hormone

In this episode,  I’ll be sharing with you exactly what the mysterious godfather hormone is, why it’s even called the godfather hormone, and many of the things that it can do to help you.

26: Thyroid Game Changers

In this episode, Dr. Brown will be sharing with you what you need to know about managing an undiagnosed thyroid condition that may, in fact, save your life. I’ll dive into what really causes low thyroid, how the healthcare industry has been misdiagnosing patients with low thyroid and the differences between natural and synthetic thyroid hormones.

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