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Thanks for joining me today. This episode wraps up the last of a three-part series that I consider
my journey to wellness. Last week, I explained how I went from depressed and suicidal to fully restored with natural
treatment alternatives after a 16 year journey with 9 different psychiatric medications.

I explained my epiphany that as we age, there are certain biological systems that begin to
decline in the body… and how my traditional medical training had not prepared me for this
epiphany… because the “lock-step” mantra of traditional medicine is… “You’re getting older…
what do you expect… here’s the latest and greatest Big Pharma treatment for you to try.”
Today, in this last segment, I’m going to explore at topic that’s very near and dear to my heart…
that is, the topic of obesity.
Now, before you tune out and quit listening because you think you don’t have a weight issue, I
want you to hear this…
If you were to step onto the scales right now… what’s going on inside your body is way more
important than the number you’d be staring at.
In the past few years, obesity researches have expanded their focus to include people who
are… what they call… THIN ON THE OUTSIDE… FAT ON THE INSIDE.
You see, there’s more than one way to be obese.

In the traditional sense of the term, “obesity” means you’re visibly overweight.
In the non-traditional sense of the term, “obesity” means you look “normal” on the outside but
you are fat and fluffy on the inside.
Now, I know this may be a new concept for some of my listeners out there.
What do I mean by this?
Let me explain.
Some people fall within a “normal” weight… yet, when we look at their lean muscle mass to fat
mass ratio, it’s way off.
According to the American Council on Exercise, those who are physically fit… not to be
confused with athletes.. should fall with these ranges…
Women should have about 21-24% body fat and men should have about 14-17% body fat.
Now, my thoughts are that these are simply goals to shoot for.
However, while you’re moving toward these goals, start working aggressively on becoming thin
on the inside.
Here’s what I mean…
There are a lot of people running around with high inflammatory numbers in their bloodwork…
high cholesterol numbers… really crappy diets… and very little exercise WHO APPEAR to be
able to eat anything they want without gaining any weight.
They appear thin by society’s standards.
Yet, when we literally take a microscopic look at them, they are a HOT MESS.
You see the unfortunate bill of goods we’ve been sold is that obesity is defined by physical
This is simply a social construct that has a very narrow, and often damaging, impact on your
health… both emotionally and physically.
It lulls people into the false sense of security that everything is A-OK if our outward appearance
fits societal norms… when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

How many times have you heard of a person, who appears physically fit, having a heart attack
or dropping dead of a heart attack?
Look at the Biggest Loser’s TV personality Bob Harper. He ate well, exercised regularly, and had
the physique of a male model, yet Bob had a heart attack in 2017.
This is public knowledge… and the reason he had this heart attack was because of a genetic
condition that made him fat on the inside.
Because of his specific Apo-E Genotype, he had an elevation in a dangerous little cholesterol
This little particle is 300% more predictive of vascular event deaths than any particle we know
Did you know that traditional medicine lipid profiles, also called cholesterol panels, don’t even
check for this?
Did you know that 99% or more of cardiologists worldwide poo-poo the concept of even
checking for this particle?
And that they rationalize their lack of checking it with the statement… “We don’t have anything
to treat it with”?
And did you know that this is medical lingo for BIG PHARMA hasn’t given us a treatment?
And did you know that there are TWO natural treatments that will virtually take this particle to
nearly undetectable levels within about 12 weeks and in many cases… they may even reverse
the plaque deposits in the arteries that have been caused by this particle?
I venture a guess that you didn’t know any of these things.
And the reason is… there’s no magic bullet treatment put out by BIG PHARMA to treat it…
therefore, no one in the medical community or public gets told about it
I’m telling you these things so you can be informed.
I want you to make an educated decision about your health… about your wellness journey…
about whether or not you’re truly thin… or secretly obese.
This little particle is called lipoprotein alpha… and it’s one that we all need to start paying
attention to… it’s one that I aggressively monitor and treat in my wellness clients.

There are many other examples we can talk about in relation to being defined as obese, but I
want to transition to another golden goose that no one dares to talk about.
In the late 1800’s, Dr. John Harvey coined the phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of
the day.”
He coined this phrase to sell his line of “health foods” to his patients.
His brother, WK Harvey, was the business brains behind this concept.
WK took this concept to the masses in 1908 when they incorporated as the international brand
they’re known as today.
After nearly 60 years, their loyal customer base had become unshakable in their belief that
breakfast was the most important meal of the day…
Their campaign was a huge success.
At that point, this corporate giant was able to add alternate sales slogans such as…
“We put more into your morning”
and another slogan that we all grew up hearing…“They’re Grrrreat.”
That’s right. The inventors of Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes convinced the world that breakfast
was the most important meal of the day.
The Kellogg corporation is now one of the most powerful food giants in the world marketplace…
And generations of unsuspecting people have been led to belief that grains are the answer.
I call this era in food history “The Grain Rush.”
But the Kellogg corporation was not the only company to participate in the “grain rush of the
20 th century.”
Companies like the
– Martha White Corporation,
– Betty Crocker,
– Little Debbie,
– General Mills, and
– Proctor and Gamble,
– All jumped on the bandwagon and grew their respective companies to corporate giant
Grain was king… and unfortunately, it still is.

If you want to know more about how grains have flooded our consciousness, diet, fat cells, and
waist-lines, check out the Netflix documentary, The Magic Pill. It will be one hour of your time
well spent in gaining a keen understanding of why you shouldn’t be eating grains and other
processed foods.
Now… I want to close out with this.
I get asked all the time, “Brian, how did you lose all your weight?”
Was it easy?
Heck no!!!
Did it require hard work?
You better believe it did!!!
Am I still a work in progress?
You better believe I am!!!
I’ve found what works for me…
And there was no magic pill. Trust me on this one.
Believe me, if it was a fad and out there to be found, I did it.
I’ve done the HCG diet, where I only ate 500 calories per day & injected HCG hormone daily
I’ve done amphetamine diet pills.
I’ve done herbal diet pills
I’ve done Ephedra before it was banned
I’ve done nutrisystem
I’ve done weight watchers
I’ve done jenny craig
I’ve done LA Weight Loss
I’ve done just about every crazy fad diet ever published… like the cabbage soup diet… the
egg diet… and many more I can’t even remember… the list just keeps going on and on
What worked for me was this…
Eating clean, whole, organic foods… eliminating grains from my diet (and yes, corn is a grain
and not a vegetable)… eliminating sugar from my diet.. perimeter shopping… food prep…

smart exercise… drinking 4L water per day… quality sun exposure… getting the right amount
of sleep every night, hormone optimization… thyroid optimization… and stress
Researchers tell us that the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds per year.
Researchers also tell us that the obese population is one of the fastest growing populations
and that diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer growth almost mirror the
growth curve of obesity.
The net result of using the techniques I’ve found has caused me to lose that much or more
every year.
Now, in the atmosphere of transparency, I can’t say that every waking moment of every day
in my weight loss history was perfect.
There were times I gained weight back.
Times where I fell off the trail horse… and had to get back on to continue my journey…
And other times when I fell off the trail horse, walked into the gorge, and jumped off the
cliff… only to find myself, 320 pounds later, desperately climbing back up that cliff… through
that gorge… to find my trail horse patiently waiting for me to saddle up and continue my
But, with humble gratitude, I can honestly say, I’ve never gained back up to 390 pounds.
Thankfully, I always came to my senses… crawled back up that click, out of that gorge… and
back into the saddle.
As weird as it may sound, it’s those journeys… those major fowl-ups that have made me the
clinician I am today.
It’s made me that proverbial hand over the side of the cliff that’s always there to help a
brother or sister back up on their feet and continuing their journey.
When it comes to losing weight, I have to talk about a hot button of mine.
That hot button is amphetamines.
There are amphetamine clinics everywhere.
They are in business because human beings are inherently lazy and want a quick fix.
We live in a “microwave generation” where we expect to get results in 30 seconds or less.

When it comes to sustained… and I emphasize the word “sustained” weight loss,
amphetamines are dangerous.
I used to do Resting Metabolic Rate testing on ever one of my weight loss clients. The
clients who were coming off of amphetamines had the lowest metabolisms of any group of
people I saw.
Here’s why.
When you take amphetamines, you force your body to lose all sensation of hunger…
Your body naturally goes into a catabolic state… this is where we get the word
And, it’s exactly how it sounds.
When your body is being starved…
It’s in such dire need for protein that it will turn on it’s own muscle to get it.
Your metabolism is 100% linked to your ratio of lean muscle mass to fat mass.
When your muscle mass declines, so does your metabolism.
This is why when former amphetamine clinic patients get off of the amphetamine, they
typically gain all of their weight back plus some.
Our goal in obesity management is to preserve lean muscle mass NOT tear it down.
I personally think it borders on malpractice to prescribe amphetamines for weight loss.
BUT… it’s BIG PHARMA that gives us this treatment… and when you combine this with the
human nature of wanting a quick fix AND the persuasive messages of BIG PHARMA… people
lose all aspects of being an independent human and become like sheep… or maybe a better
way of putting is, they become “sheeple.”
I urge you to not get offended.
Instead, get the facts… be informed… and be aware of the hidden agendas behind certain
Losing weight is not hard… but it does require commitment and hard work. It requires preparation… and for some, it requires tracking every single thing that goes into
your mouth.
Again, these are not popular messages, but they are true.
You can’t eat processed foods and achieve “sustainable” wellness…
You might look thin on the outside, but you will still be fat on the inside.
That wraps up this final episode about how I came to do what I do know.
I hope you’ve gained some insight… and most of all, I hope I gave you some things to think
about on your wellness journey.

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